• 01
    Please contact us from each form in the contact menu. After that, we will contact you about the date and time of the first meeting.
  • 02
    Along with greetings, I would like to ask about your new house plan. The location can be our company, and if it is not far away, we can also visit you. We also provide free advice for land that has not been purchased and is under consideration.
  • 03
    basic plan
    Based on your request, we will create and propose a "basic plan", "financial plan", "overall schedule" and "payment schedule". The basic plan is the plan, elevation and section. You may also create a model. A financial plan is a plan that basically covers all the expenses necessary to build a house. It is a rough estimate of the building price, existing demolition cost, ground improvement, design fee, miscellaneous expenses, etc.There is no cost. We also offer free referrals to contractors.
    (Basic plan period: about 1 month)
  • 04
    Design supervision contract
    f we can reach an agreement on the direction of both parties through meetings, we will conclude a "design supervision contract" between the client and the architect. Here, the scope of work, design supervision fee, payment terms, overall schedule, etc. are decided.

    Considering the social situation in recent years, we introduce the most suitable builders from the initial stage of the proposal, and sometimes the architect and the builders make a proposal. In that case, if we can agree on the direction of both sides, we will conclude a contract between the client and the construction company.
  • 05
    basic design
    Based on the survey results of the land, full-scale design begins. Based on the basic plan, we create basic designs (plans, elevations, sectional views, sashes (windows), etc.) and models, and hold meetings to finalize the basic design.
    (Basic design period: about 1 month)
  • 06
    final design
    We will work out the details of the design, such as materials, specifications, equipment, furniture, electrical equipment, details, etc. We may also accompany you to the manufacturer's showroom. We will tentatively decide on all the elements that make up the house. We will create detailed drawings necessary for the actual construction and repeat meetings. This execution design drawing is also required to obtain a construction estimate.
    (Detailed design period: about 3-4 months)
  • 07
    Detailed quotation
    Based on the implementation design drawing, we will request detailed estimates from 2 to 3 contractors. If the architect and the contractor have made a proposal from the initial stage and contracted with the contractor, we will ask the contractor for a detailed estimate.
    (Detailed estimate period: about 3 weeks)
  • 08
    quote adjustment
    As a result of the detailed estimate, if the budget is exceeded, we will adjust the building price by changing the materials and specifications. If we can agree on the construction amount and construction schedule, we will conclude a "construction contract" with the contractor.
    (Estimate adjustment period: about 1 month)
  • 09
    Construction supervision
    We explain the details of the design to the construction company, and check on the site whether the construction is actually being carried out correctly. We explain the quality, design and process status of each process to the client.
    (Construction supervision period: about 6 months)
  • 10
    Completion and handover
    We inspect the completed building, and if there are no problems, we attend the completion handover. The construction company will hand over the keys and explain the usage instructions, and after that, after signing the delivery document, the building will become the property of the client.

    The above flow is a basic case study of a private house with a wooden structure and a scale of about 30 to 40 tsubo. We will explain separately if the structure is not wooden, the scale is large, or the purpose is different.